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(Sue) Surin Hohlachoff

Therapeutic Massage

Specializing in Clinical Rehabilitative Massage I am here to: Listen to your concerns and goals. Create a customized treatment plan. Provide a safe and comfortable environment for your massage therapy sessions. Answer any questions you may have about massage therapy. First Time Patient $60 for 60mins MA 61422890

How we got Started

Our clinic was born out of a  passion for helping others. We recognized the need for a holistic and patient-centered approach to wellness, leading us to establish a place where comprehensive care and compassion converge.

Our Compassionate Approach

We believe in the healing power of touch, so we pour our hearts into providing unparalleled therapeutic massages. Your wellness journey is our priority, and we care deeply because we value your health and happiness.

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Eager to start your wellness journey? Secure your session quickly and easily using our online booking page. Prefer a chat first? Head over to our contact page for all the details you need. Or, for a streamlined approach, simply fill out the contact form below. We're here to guide your path to healing.